Adult Live Chat Sites, Are They Really Safe? (Part 1)

Live webcam sex chat sites are used by millions of people around the world these days but millions more are who have yet to try them are bombarded by intrusive popup ads when visiting adult video site aka ‘porn tubes’.

It’s these weary folks that we set up Safe Adult Webcams for. These folks are constantly asking themselves are these sites really safe? And how is it exactly that they work?

Today we are sharing our first in a series of articles about the ins and outs of these sex chat sites whereby models who are scantily clad pop up on live webcams; just begging people to sign-up for the site.

Before I get started I want to remind readers that this site is dedicated to covering sites that are operated by a parent company called ImLive. operates one of the largest networks of these sex webcam chat service sites. With that being said let’s delve right in…

Murky and mysterious or fair and clear cut?

So let’s cut right to the chase. We are after all going to be going into much more details than frankly any website online does about the sex cams platform.

So, for those who are in a hurry to know if the sites are safe. The short answer is YES. They are totally safe. They are also completely legal and widely used.

So widely as a matter of fact that adult sex webcam sites are now one of the largest segments of the overall adult entertainment industry.

Experts expect that in the future adult webcams will overtake all other forms of adult entertainment. With that being said there are a handful of sites that offer more than 50,000 adult webcam sites.

How they do this is they partner with porn content owners and webmasters to offer what is called a ‘White Label’ version of the original ImLive (review at the link) sex cams site.

This means that individuals all over the world register a domain or own a domain that gets traffic and they basically hand over the domain to ImLive who sets up the same service that is offered at but on that other person’s domain.

They do so in a fashion to where ImLive is the person you are doing business with and all your information is totally secure.

The webmaster that owns the domain has no access to any information about who you are or your financial information. That is all handled by ImLive.

So now that we have covered the obvious security concerns that I am sure a few of you had let’s talk about if these sites actually deal fair.

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Are they a Fraud or is it a Scam?

ImLive webcams is a massive and I mean massive company. The service literally over 20,000 live cam sites for adults. They have partners all over the world.

They are typically the largest sponsors of most adult trade shows. They are one of the earliest companies that mastered the science of delivering live adult webcam services.

They have over 10 million members. Thousands of people use the sites daily. This brings me to my point; of course, it’s not a scam.

ImLive delivers value to men, women, and couples who enjoy a live chat over webcams. It’s that simple. Let’s talk prices what it costs you…

Are adult webcams safe

Adult Webcam Service Costs

We’ll get more into these details in the master ImLive reviews, but for now, let’s skim over the things that most likely brought you here. First off, you want to know if it’s free and if not if a credit card is required.

No. It is not free and YES, you will need a credit card or some acceptable form of payment to use the site. That being said there are truly no such things are free live sex chat sites.

It’s simple economics. This is a service that millions of people want and use often. Therefore, since there is a market for it is does cost you money to use the services. Okay, so how much?

In general adult webcam sites charge $2-$3 U.S. dollars per minute. The models though who work on these sites are independent contractors and they determine what the costs are individual.

On you purchase credits and those credits are applied to the per-minute costs for each show; that varies by which model you select.

However, it’s easy to choose models who charge less per minute and see what each model charges. Likewise, the credit system ensures you never exceed the budget you set for yourself.

Unlike direct pay models, ImLive makes it safer and VERY TRANSPARENT to see what costs what.

This concludes, ‘Adult Live Chat Site, Are They Really Safe? (Part 1)’ 

Check back next week for Part 2.

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